Discover :: The Craftsmanship

Shruti Kapadia is a Diamond Specialist, who has infused two crucial aspects of the jewellery business- manufacturing and designing, in a single seamless operation. She learned how to design jewellery with details & then formally studied how to manufacture diamonds from the rough stage to polish. Shruti believes that practice is the key to success so simultaneously she underwent a grueling training at a diamond factory that involved making diamonds from rough to polished versions, assorting them & making jewellery.

As she started her journey in the practical world, she kept on experimenting with different kinds of settings and a range of technicalities of jewellery making & made her own place in the industry with deep insight into the technical yet creative and aesthetic aspects of jewellery making. She is always passionate about research and development of new designs, settings, looks and concepts, thus continuously conquering new frontiers.

Ornate benefits from her expertise and is clearly visible in all of her jewelry that transcends time. It sets apart the wearer’s style in the modern day and creats lasting memories for future generations. Timeless design and detailed craftsmanship give the confidence that only true quality can inspire.