#What does Ornate offer?

Plan Your Jewellery

When you want that extra gorgeous looking piece in the magazine & the one that keeps on flashing every now or then on various social media pages, and don’t know the details of it, also when sometimes it is challenging to plan your jewellery, ORNATE is just a call away. We not only help you create one-of-a-kind bespoke heirloom designs, we also help you plan your journey for those gorgeous possessions.

Our biggest USP is that we assist you to revamp your existing jewellery without breaking the original one that you possess.

How PYJ works

  1. We understand the unique and specific requirements of the client through a detailed interaction.
  2. We understand the occasion in order to figure out the best options. Examples of occasions would include Wedding jewellery, birthday or anniversary gifts, special days such Mother’s Day, occasions marking varied milestones or achievements, corporate gifts and so on.
  3. We offer a mood board having various designs with options on customization and budget.
  4. We help you create one-of-a-kind bespoke heirloom designs either from scratch or from your existing jewellery collection. We invite you to have a look at our spectacular creations that have been crafted from existing pieces, without breaking them (and the emotions attached to them!), and yet revealing a completely new design. By doing so, we also help you to plan your jewellery budget appropriately.

“Jewellery looks good on you than in Safe!!”

So Book your appointment at the earliest.